Congress Bans Goods Made by Slaves or Child Labor

Do you know where your household products come from? It does not mean the country but who is producing the product. The majority of products imported from other countries are produced by children and adults. They work on their free will because of their poor standard of living. To manage the expenses and run their life, they work in the production sector. Some several and products are manufactured by forced labor and children. It is a well know truth hidden in most people’s eyes.

Recently, the president of the United States, Barack Obama had signed up a bill stating that hereafter goods that are imported and produced by the United States slaves would be banned. Barack Obama has banned the garments stitched by the Bangladesh abused women, gold in Africa mined by the Children, fish caught in South East Asia by the slaves. He told that it is an 85-year-old law but still not maintained up to date. He wanted to avoid imported products that are produced by the children and forced labor of America and other countries. He added that last year seafood shipped by the Thai Companies to the United States was caught and treated by the enslaved and trapped workers. The Association Press has found that shrimp and fish were caught and processed by people who were locked in factories and cages to supply the leading chains of top restaurants and retailers.

Some of the popular supermarket chains like Whole Foods and Wal-Mart and restaurants like Red Lobster has been purchasing from such people. When enquired the companies have told the government that they are taking steps to stop purchasing from them and stay against child and labor abuse.

It is difficult for the United Government to monitor and check out whether they are purchasing from the legitimate exporters. Some goods produced overseas and in the boundaries of the United States remain hidden. When it is shipped through the third party, the main ties or the producers will not be known. It is how the products slip to the United States borders and remain out of sight to the leaders and social activists.

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Barack Obama: Strange Things Occur When Voters get Scared

President Barack Obama commented on Thursday that strange things can easily occur in politics. He told that it can occur if the voters are scared. He also told that the anguish people throughout the country are finding a voice in the Democratic and Republican parties.

Obama attended the Democratic party fundraising event and told that we need to listen to them. He was seen at the home of venture capitalist and supporter Steve Westly in San Francisco.

Barack Obama told that the country was experiencing a critical moment of election. He denoted as the interesting political moment. He also added that it is too early to start the process of identifying the presidential nominees.

He commented that the people are more anxious, and that is the true situation at present. There have been a lot of changes have taken place in the last seven years he took control. People are seen anxious regardless of the economic and other developments.

Barack Obama reminded that when he was taking in charge of the President position he found hundreds and thousands of people without jobs every month. It was the time where the entire nation was facing the real crisis. They were losing their retirement savings and homes. He added that people are concerned about laboring and income inequality under the political system. They think that the entire political system works opposite to their interests.

Obama commented in such a way that Democrats do not take anything as granted. He added sharply that a country cannot move forward if it is based on politics and themselves. It can move forward only when it is based on political leaders.

Obama told that we can use politics not only to unite people and bring everyone together, but it revolves around you and us. It is ready to blame somebody. Obama gave this speech in Los Angeles at a fundraiser event.

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Oklahoma State Gets Barry J Sanders

Barry J Sanders will now be playing for Oklahoma State, the place where his father scored the Heisman Trophy in 1988. Sanders was playing for Stanford before. In his tweets about his transfer Sanders said that he will be part of the team in June and will give his full commitment. A senior, Sanders will be the graduate transfer come 2016 season. He added that being part of the program and getting a chance to say he is a Poke is special.

His tweets are as follows:

“They’ve got my full commitment, and I’m looking forward to being there come late June,” Sanders. Just being a part of the program and being able to get a chance to officially say I’m a Poke will be something special for me personally.”

J Sanders’ father was a renowned name in the best seasons in the history of college football. He set 34 NCAA records playing for Cowboys. The present Oklahoma state coach Mike Gundy played on the 1988 team along with Barry Sanders as a quarterback.

In the previous season, J Sanders playing for Stanford raced 315 yards along with four touchdowns with an average of 6.2 yards for every carry backing Christian McCaffrey, Heisman finalist.

He will start for the Cowboys soon as he did not get a player rank in top 18 rushing the Big 12 the previous season. Meanwhile, the school was not ready for a comment until the transfers are cleared and players enrolled. In Sanders’ case, it will happen only in the summer this year.

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Lamar Odom Makes His Maiden Public Appearance With Kanye

All eyes turned to Lamar Odom as he walked with his brother-in-law Kanye West. The duo was conspicuous with their presence at the Fashion Week on Thursday. Odom was seen at a public event for the first time after he was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada after an overdose of cocaine. The event happened in October last year in Las Vegas. Odom left Khloe Kardashian and had moved to a private facility from Los Angeles hospital in January this year.

The crowd was all cheers for Odom as the duo walked to take their seat with Kardashian and Jenners’. The crowd had gathered for West’s show at the Madison Square Garden. Odom and West seemed to be close and reports from the TMZ sports has it that the West supported Odom during his rehabilitation and also visited him in the hospital while he was recovering. During his hospital visit, he used to play rough cuts to Odom. The best part was Odom was able to remember the lyrics to the tune showing his improvement.

Odom wanted to return this gesture by being part of the event. He did not mind to travel all the way to the event despite staying away from the public for months. Odom wanted to express his gratitude to West. He wanted to display his support and love for West by attending the event. The showcase of affection between the two was seen when West walked Odom to the seat where the family was seated.

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