Understanding Insurance Terms

Knowing the Insurance Types Helps

There are several different parts to your Car insurance policy. When you are looking at Auto insurance rates make sure you are comparing the same terms.

A liability is the monetary obligation you have to pay for damages to property or persons that you have caused. In the US, states follow two views on insurance: Fault and No-Fault. In a Fault or At-Fault states, you must carry some form of minimum liability insurance to cover damages you caused. In No-Fault states, your insurance company agrees to pay for any damages to you and your property (car) regardless of whether you are responsible or not for any or part of the collision. Car Insurance Terms

Liability generally carries a maximum paid to any individual as well as maximums paid per accident and per policy. State minimums are the lowest threshold of insurance the state will allow. If you purchase the state minimum, it translates into the maximum your policy will pay out. If the costs of an accident exceed the maximums of your policy, you are still responsible for the remainder of the payments. Types of Liability: (Fault = F, No-Fault = NF)

Bodily injury (F): goes beyond the medical expenses but also includes lost wages, pain and suffering to be paid to person or persons whom you have injured in an accident.

PIP (Personal injury Protection) (NF): pays you and passengers in your vehicle, for hospitalization, outpatient treatment, rehabilitation, loss of work compensation, funeral expenses, and some survivor benefits.

Uninsured or under insured: Requirement depends on the state. Protects you and your property in an accident with someone who either does not have sufficient insurance to cover medical and property damages, or has no insurance.

Collision (F & NF): only covers damages to your vehicle resulting directly from an accident. It does not cover damages from hit and run, road debris kicked into windshield, or acts of nature such as storm (hailstones).

Comprehensive (F & NF): covers all costs of repair or replacement for any damage to vehicle including acts of nature. It is often a requirement for financed vehicles to insure the replacement value of the vehicle is covered in case the automobile is totaled. Payment is minus any deductibles.
Understanding what to compare makes reviewing Auto insurance rates easy. We are here to help you get the best quotes from local insurers. Try us now to see what you can save.
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President Barack Obama Planning to Establish Monumental Status

President Barack Obama is establishing monumental status to the beautiful South California desert. It was said that this move will help to maintain the fragile natural resources and ecosystem of that region. It will also serve in offering recreational opportunities for hunters, campers, hikers and others. Barack Obama made this announcement on Friday as part of a fundraising campaign. He would mention the region’s name to establish the national monuments. It includes the Castle Mountains, Sand to Snow Desert and Mojave Trails.

The Mojave Trails holds public land of more than 1.6 million acres. It protects recreational corridors and major wildlife between Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park plus extra acreage in Sacramento Mountains, Cadiz Valley, and Bristol Dry Lake.

The areas that are included within monument include some major parts of Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness, fossil beds, prehistoric lava flow regions, extinct volcanoes, training camps of World War II era, trading routes of Native Americans, Route 66 and the largest Cactus Garden of California. It remains as a home to several animals like fringe toes lizards, bighorn sheep and desert tortoise.

The Castle Mountains covered about dry and rough 21,000 acres. It serves to protect the lost piece of Mojave National Preserve that is in the Northern part. It is almost close to the border of Nevada.

The Castle Mountains consists of native desert grassland that is occupied by the pronghorn. It is the only antelope type mammal in the North America. The mountains in this area remain as a home for golden eagles. The California mountain range includes the best Joshua tree, juniper forests, and pinyon pine in the desert of California and the leftovers of Hart that is a Gold Rush ghost city.

The Sand to Snow is a 154000-acre monument. It preserves the wildlife hallways between Joshua Tree National Park, San Jacinto Mountains, and San Bernardino Mountain. It has more than twelve endangered and threatened wildlife species and two hundred and forty species of birds.

The Sand to Snow range protects coastal chaparral, desert wetlands and mountain rivers, Joshua Tree woodlands, pinyon forests, conifer forests and alpine peaks. It’s thirty miles consists of headwaters of Santa Ana and Whitewater rivers, Flat Top Mesa and Black Lava Butte and Pacific Crest Trail.

It is an approach to protect the natural environment for recreation, conservation, and unparalleled inspiration. These areas are well known for stunning landscapes, wide open vistas, several undiscovered plant species, endangered animals and also Native American relics.

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Congress Bans Goods Made by Slaves or Child Labor

Do you know where your household products come from? It does not mean the country but who is producing the product. The majority of products imported from other countries are produced by children and adults. They work on their free will because of their poor standard of living. To manage the expenses and run their life, they work in the production sector. Some several and products are manufactured by forced labor and children. It is a well know truth hidden in most people’s eyes.

Recently, the president of the United States, Barack Obama had signed up a bill stating that hereafter goods that are imported and produced by the United States slaves would be banned. Barack Obama has banned the garments stitched by the Bangladesh abused women, gold in Africa mined by the Children, fish caught in South East Asia by the slaves. He told that it is an 85-year-old law but still not maintained up to date. He wanted to avoid imported products that are produced by the children and forced labor of America and other countries. He added that last year seafood shipped by the Thai Companies to the United States was caught and treated by the enslaved and trapped workers. The Association Press has found that shrimp and fish were caught and processed by people who were locked in factories and cages to supply the leading chains of top restaurants and retailers.

Some of the popular supermarket chains like Whole Foods and Wal-Mart and restaurants like Red Lobster has been purchasing from such people. When enquired the companies have told the government that they are taking steps to stop purchasing from them and stay against child and labor abuse.

It is difficult for the United Government to monitor and check out whether they are purchasing from the legitimate exporters. Some goods produced overseas and in the boundaries of the United States remain hidden. When it is shipped through the third party, the main ties or the producers will not be known. It is how the products slip to the United States borders and remain out of sight to the leaders and social activists.

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