Residential Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control Services

I have discovered small, worm-like bugs which are tan colored and taper at one end to a darker brown color. They are living in the carpet and area rugs. What are they? How can I remove them?
The description sounds like carpet beetles or cabinet beetles. These beetles feed on wooden items as well as dead insects, pet and human hair, and food items. They can be very difficult to control so it is recommended you consult a professional.pest control

What can I do to keep spiders out of my home?
You can take the following steps to minimize spiders in your home or apartment: seal all cracks around windows and door frames and around light fixtures, vents and ceiling fans; seal all openings around pipes; place sticky traps designed for cockroaches near doorways; and regularly remove webs and spiders by vacuuming.
What is the best way to treat a flea-infested home?
Flea control requires treatment of pets and the infested premises. Vacuuming removes soils and debris that might interfere with the treatment, removes adult fleas, and opens carpet fibers so the treatment can penetrate to flea larvae and pupae. An insect growth regulator (IGR) should be used together with a product targeted at the adult fleas. The IGR affects only the flea larvae and prevents them from molting into adult fleas which do the biting. It is important to treat pets the same day as the home is treated and to consult a veterinarian.

Are there really such things as “bed bugs?”
Bed bugs are small, oval, reddish-brown insects that are approximately 1/4-inch long as adults. They live in cracks in beds and walls as well as in furniture near beds. At night, they will crawl into the bed and bite a sleeping person. The bite is usually not painful and, fortunately, bed bugs do not transmit any diseases. Bed bugs can prove difficult to control so a professional should be consulted.bed bugs
We have several small, almost microscopic bugs around our windows and sliding glass door. They are reddish-brown; and when killed, they make a tiny red dot that looks like blood. What are they, and should we be concerned if they are increasing?
The description sounds like clover mites that live in the grass and invade homes during the spring. During the fall, the adults will deposit eggs in cracks in the outside of buildings. When these eggs hatch in the spring, the tiny, red mite “larvae” crawl up the foundation and find their way inside. This problem is usually remedied by treating the exterior foundation and the ground several feet out from the house.
I have these bugs with multiple legs and long, thin bodies – like worms. They move slowly and are creepy. What are they and what should I do?
These sound like they are millipedes which are related to insects. They live in moist areas outside and feed on organic matter in mulch, lawns, and leaf litter. When it gets too hot, too wet or too dry, millipedes may try to enter a home. You will need to seal cracks and holes in the home’s exterior walls. Keep mulch under 2 inches thick and try to keep it 10-12 inches from the foundation of your home. You may want to treat the foundation and ground around the home or call in a professional company.

How do I know if I have house centipedes?
If they have very long legs, they are likely house centipedes that can breed indoors and feed on spiders and insects. Homes with house centipedes usually have a crawlspace or basement underneath where the centipedes harbor. You may want to consult a professional to inspect.
What harm can Earwigs cause, and how can they be eliminated?
Earwigs do not bite and are not dangerous. In order to control them, treat cracks in the home’s exterior and outdoor harborage sites (woodpile, landscape timbers, etc.). A residual aerosol or dust insecticide labeled for indoor crack and crevice treatment should be used indoors. Outdoors, a suitable exterior household insecticide can be applied to areas where earwigs might live. If the infestation is large, hire a professional.

I’ve heard that silverfish are extremely difficult to control. Is this true? If so, what should I do?
They are difficult to eliminate because they often hide deep within walls or attics where treatments are difficult to apply. Apply a residual pest control dust product into all cracks and voids where activity has been seen and continue treatment for several months. Experience has shown that homes with wood shingle roofs typically have the most silverfish infestations.
What can I do to keep crickets from taking over the exterior of my home and office?
Crickets are attracted to buildings by bright exterior lights. Changing commercial lighting to sodium vapor lamps and home lighting to yellow “bug light bulbs” greatly reduces the numbers of crickets. In addition, limit heavy ground cover (such as ivy), especially next to the building. Remove any sites where crickets could harbor, such as piles of lumber and bricks. Additionally, seal exterior cracks and holes and make sure all doors have weather-stripping on the bottom.residential pest control

I think I have a gnat problem, but I’m not sure. What should I do?
It is very important to identify these flies or gnats. If the fly is tiny and black, it may be a fungus gnat that lives in the wet soil of potted plants. Small tan flies with red eyes are fruit flies that breed in fresh fruit and garbage. The first step is to identify the type of fly.
I have a problem with flies in my house during the fall and winter. They are black and 1/4-inch in size. What type of flies are these, and what can I do about them?
If they hold their wings flat over their abdomens, they are likely cluster flies. These flies enter the walls and attics of homes in large numbers to survive the winter. On warmer days, they may crawl into the living spaces of the home. Once inside the walls, they are difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate. You need a professional to inspect the home and make recommendations for sealing cracks where flies could enter. Treatments can be applied that can greatly reduce the numbers of flies seen inside.
More about Pest Control on this website

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Truck Accident Attorneys in Austin & Houston, TX

Truck Accident Attorneys in Austin & Houston, TX

Our firm represents individuals and the families of individuals who have been seriously injured or killed in Texas trucking accidents. These accidents, which involve large, over-the-road tractor trailers (also known as “18-wheelers”) are generally the most deadly we see.truck accident attorneys

Trucking accident statistics are frightening: Every year, 500,000 large trucks, or “semis,” are involved in accidents on our roads. In fact, 1 out of every 8 people killed in a traffic accident in the United States is killed in an accident involving a truck.

Truck accident litigation involves claims against negligent truck drivers and the trucking companies who hire them. Under the law of Texas and most states, a driver of a large truck is considered to have an even greater standard of care than other drivers, because of the injuries that their large trucks can cause. Collisions caused by a truck’s failure, faulty inspection and upkeep, or a truck driver’s negligence can lead to the most catastrophic injuries on U.S. roadways.

Truck drivers repeatedly break federal laws by driving:
While fatigued
In excess of the amount of hours they are allowed to drive
With oversized trucks
With overloaded trucks
With improper maintenance
With an inability to see at night
commercial; vehicle accident attorneys
There are three reasons why truck accidents are so dangerous: size, speed and driver fatigue. A fully loaded truck is a huge piece of machinery. When you put something that heavy on the road at speeds topping 60 miles an hour, you get a monster that can run over anything in its path. If you add the growing problem of driver fatigue and truck drivers’ being under constant pressure to move cargo – there can be deadly consequences. A recent study revealed that 20 percent of long-haul truck drivers reported they had fallen asleep at the wheel during the last 30-day period. It’s no wonder that people are killed when one in five drivers admit to falling asleep, leaving these giants with no one at the wheel. If you have been a victim in a Truck Accident in Houston or Austin call us today

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How much is my Move going to cost me

How much is my Move going to cost me

A moving company in San Antonio is a homeowner or renters lifeline. That said, a moving company needs to have a handful of attributes to make it trustworthy and worthy of your hard-earned money. Start by determining a budget, both high end and low end, and what the homeowner is willing to perform on his or her own. local movers san antonio

For instance, a full service moving company who specialize in executive transportation will evaluate the household belongings, determine the truck or trucks needed, supply boxes, tape, and blankets, and even pack the household. That is basically the top end moving company in San Antonio.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the budget moving company. The renter or homeowner will simply pick up the owner-packed boxes and haul them to the next location. Many who are on a budget may simply entrust the moving company with the responsibility for hauling furniture, or big items.

Keep in mind that several items will be factored into the quote that the moving company provides. The distance of the move. The number and size of trucks needed to make the move. Packing materials and even professional packers, or decision not to buy these products and hire these services through the moving company. Another factor is the gasoline that is required for the moving company to make it from point A to point B. That all depends upon the going rate for gas or diesel.

Get a handful of quotes from different companies before making any determinations. Make sure they have vehicular insurance, and liability insurance. It is unfortunately true that sometimes items may break in transit. Accidents may happen too. It can be frightening for homeowners to entrust all their worldly possessions into the hands of strangers at the moving company. Essentially, though, that’s what is necessary to make a move.

Almost any moving company will charge by the hour, though most will provide a quote and honor the final contract with a ten percent buffer. For instance, if the homeowner realizes they forgot to show the tool shed to the moving company, it will add to the cost of the move. It is less than ten percent of the whole overall move, and will increase the cost a bit. Even homeowners make mistakes too.

Just be sure not to deliberately withhold items from the moving company. It is likely that there will be a manager overseeing the operation, and will know if suddenly there is 100 percent more items than when the quote occurred. best local movers

Quotes come in two varieties: 1. binding, and 2. non-binding. Binding quotes protect consumers because wild card expenses cannot be added later, or only within a certain agreed about percentage that’s stated in the contract. Non-binding leaves the door wide open for other service and feature costs to be added in by the moving company.

Find a moving company whose services include what the consumer needs most. Find more than one quote from many a moving company. Review online customer feedback to find out if the customer satisfaction of the moving company being considered is up to par. More about Local Movers San Antonio

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Mistakes To Avoid Following Auto Accidents

7 Mistakes To Avoid Following Auto Accidents

Roughly, 5.25 million car accidents occur every year. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in one of these accidents, there are mistakes that can be made after the fact. Below, you will find a list of seven costly mistakes to avoid following auto accidents.personal injury attorney

Police Report Not Filed

Anytime a car accident occurs, it is important to contact the police and file a report. This is especially true if anyone on the scene was injured, even if the injuries were minor. The police report can be used in court to explain the scene and provide a clear explanation of what happened.
Insurance Information Not Exchanged
Some states legally require drivers to exchange their insurance information as well as vehicle registration and driver’s license information. Some accidents may seem minor and show no signs of injury or vehicular damage, but sometimes they turn out to be a problem. In any case, exchange all information to prevent legal ramifications in the future. You never know if the other driver will seek legal assistance and come after you in the future.
Insurer Not Contacted
You must contact your insurance provider immediately. The insurance company may be covering the cost of the damages, medical bills, and possibly the legal fees that may come in the future. When you contact them, they will give you advice about how to proceed. This can help aid in avoiding making mistakes that could void your insurance claim.
Accident Attorney Not Contacted
Whether you were the person injured or if your actions have caused injuries to another driver or passenger, it is in your best interest to contact an injury attorney, like at The attorney will work with you to help you protect your rights no matter what side of the suit you may be on. You may be able to find an attorney that offers a consultation at no cost to you to learn if you are facing a lawsuit or if you can sue for damages.accident injury attorneys
Evidence Not Collected
The failure to collect the necessary evidence could cost you any damages that you are owed. Take down the names of all witnesses, photograph the scene, and take notes of events as soon as you can. The sooner you write down your version of the event, the more likely it is to be as accurate as possible.
Neglecting Medical Treatment
Seeking medical attention immediately is not only for your health, but also to protect your rights if a lawsuit is filed. An expedited diagnosis of your injuries will make it easier to prove that those injuries were caused by the accident.
Take note of these tips so if you find yourself to be one of the 2.9 million people injured in car accidents each year, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

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